Nabil Nezzar – Patek Philippe

Traditional illustration of a Patek Philippe watch

In celebration of Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary, Nabil Nezzar was asked to create an illustrated timeline, showcasing the watchmakers’ long and prosperous history. From the first Swiss wristwatch in 1868 to the Star Calibre 2000, these iconic timepieces are displayed in all their grandeur.

With a photorealistic approach, Nabil captures the gorgeous intricacies of Patek Philippe models. Inspired by their complex mechanisms, these fashion illustrations are true works of art.


painting of a patek philippe pocket watch

1851 – The Great Exhibition, showcasing the world’s first keyless watches

painting of an antique pate philippe wristwatch

1868 – Patek Philippe creates the first Swiss wristwatch, made for Countess Koskowicz of Hungary

illustration of an antique patek philippe pocketwatch

1902 – Patek Philippe is awarded the patent for its first double chronograph

illustration of a vintage patek philippe pocket watch

1910 – ‘The Duke of Regla’ Westminster chime pocket watch

illustration of a patek philippe ladies wristwatch

1916 – Patek Philippe produces its first complicated ladies wristwatch

photorealistic painting of a patek philippe wristwatch

1923 – Petek Philippe sells the first split-seconds chronograph wristwatch

painting of a patek philippe wristwatch

1925 – Patek Philippe creates it’s first wristwatch with perpetual calendar

Painting of a Patek Philippe pocket watch

1927 – The ‘Packard’ astronomical pocket watch, created for James Ward Packard

illustration of a watch

1932 – Launch of the first ‘Calatrava’

Detailed illustration of a Patek Philippe pocket watch

1933 – The ‘Graves’ Supercomplication pocket watch, created for Henry Graves Jr.

Detailed illustration of the inner workings of a watch

1953 – Patent for self winding mechanism caliber 12-600AT

illustration of a Patek Philippe wristwatch

1959 – Patents granted for time-zone watches

Illustration of the inner workings of a pocket watch

1962 – A Patek Philippe Tourbillon movement achieves the still unbeaten world timekeeping precision record for a mechanical watch

painting of a stylish Patek Philippe wristwatch

1968 – Launch of the first Golden Ellipse

photorealistic painting of the inner workings of a watch

1977 – Patent for ultra thin automatic caliber 240

photorealistic painting of a wristwatch

1985 – Launch of the Ref. 3940

Photorealistic illustration of a Patek Philippe pocket watch

1989 – Launch of the Calibre 89 to mark 150 years of Patek Philippe

exploded technical illustration of watch parts

1996 – The Calibre 315 annual calendar mechanism

Black and white drawing of a Patek Philippe wristwatch

1997 – Launch of the ‘Aquanaut’ collection

Patek Philippe Star Caliber

2000 – To celebrate the millennium, Patek Philippe launches the Star Caliber

Photorealistic painting of the sky moon tourbillon wristwatch

2001 – Launch of the most complicated Patek Philippe wristwatch, the ‘Sky Moon Tourbillon’

photorealistic painting of a ladies wristwatch

2005 – Ladies first chronograph

Illustration of a ladies wristwatch

2011 – Launch of the Ladies First Minute Repeater

Patek Philippe 175th logo