T2 Tea x London Design Festival

Two of our artists – William Grill and Nick Hayes – were selected to take part in a live event at the T2 Tea store in Shoreditch, as part of London Design Festival 2017.

T2’s iconic orange boxes were turned to blank canvasses, as each artist created limited-edition designs directly onto the surface. Selecting one of T2’s special blends, they used its flavour and smell as inspiration to visually express the tea.

William Grill (left) uses gouache paints, and Nick Hayes (right) carves lino for monoprinting.

William Grill

“Ideas for the box came quite easily, drinking the aptly named Fruitilicious tea instantly conjured up loose, warm and colourful images of tropical fruits and plants.”

Nick Hayes

“I was inspired by the scent of the Gone Surfing tea and its mix of ingredients; the passion flower, the linden leaf, and the rich aroma once water is added.”