Nick Radford : Carnegie Hall Kids Illustrations

With his clever use of texture and colours, Nick’s playful illustrative style makes him a popular choice for Children’s illustration projects. Carnegie Hall recently approached Nick with a project to create illustrations for their Carnegie Hall Kids Website, a website section focused on increasing children’s knowledge of music!



Nick Radford‘s recent commission for Carnegie Hall saw him creating a series of fun music illustrations for the Kids section of the Carnegie Hall website, encouraging them to learn more about Music history, explore quizzes and engage in activities to test their musical knowledge. As Nick is a musician himself, he was excited to work on a project that combined his passions, music, and illustration. Nick excels in Children’s educational projects, as his playful illustrative style explains complex concepts in a simple colourful way for an audience to understand whilst also working in thoughtful elements that keep it engaging for all ages.

This worked particularly well for the Carnegie Hall Kids website, as the quizzes and activities are aimed at young children who have beginner or intermediate knowledge of music. Nick’s style focused on making the key elements recognisable, but still abstract enough for the music illustrations to be used in varying sections of the website.

Along with the quiz and featured content illustrations, Nick also created portrait illustrations of popular musicians to celebrate their work and introduce them to a younger generation. These illustrations were simple portraits that captured the individuality of the musician and their instrument, the illustrations were used to accompany short videos of the musicians themselves as they talked through the capabilities of their instruments and why they chose to pursue music as a career.

Animal or Instrument



Nick’s distinctive style is a combination of traditional screenprinting techniques combined with modern digital techniques to give his illustrations a vintage textural feel. As seen in this project, he has used a variety of abstract concepts and shapes alongside the subject matter to create a series of illustrations that feel cohesive and playful.

Visit the Carnegie Hall Kids Website Here to enjoy Nick’s illustrations!

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