Medium – Words That Matter 2017

This December, our collaboration with goes live, as part of their end of year pop-up publication. In a series of essays, Margaret Atwood, Hillary Clinton and many other influential voices reflect on the words that defined the year. These words, front and centre to each story, have been brought to life by a selection of our talented artists.

Creating a lead image for each post, the chosen word was rendered in a style indicative of the writer and themes at hand. With such an open brief, the resulting illustrations are as diverse as they are beautiful. While some artists worked in vector, 3D or traditional drawing, others infused subtle movements to form typographic gifs.

All in all, we witness the powerful effect of text and image, working together.


Siddharta Muckherjee – Holism  /  Deepak Chopra – Normalize  /  Porochista Khakpour – Doost     MG Siegler – Dichotomy

Alexander Wells

Eve Ewing – Violence  /  Carment Machado – Gaslight  /  Sam Altman – Merge

Peter Henderson

Reid Hoffman – 危机  /  Hans Ulrich Obrist – Mondialité


Nadifa Mohamed – Trust  /  Kimbal Musk – Food  /  Sasha Frere-Jones – Betrayal

Alex Green

Ana-Marie Cox – Ally  /  Roxanne Gay – Truth  /  Josh-Baldwin – Vegas  /  Hillary Clinton – Empathy    Laura Weidman Powers – Rally

John Devolle

Ellen Pao – Crossroads  /  Nir Eyal – Regret

Rebecca Mock

Margaret E Atwood – Beliefs