Samsung Week

Arcade Studio

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Project Story

Samsung Week is the celebration week leading up to Samsung’s birthday on November 1st. Arcade Studio worked directly with Samsung HQ in Korea, developing a family of characters for Samsung week. The characters had to show off their favourite of the latest products. Arcade also used the family of characters to create a 1-minute animation discussing the heritage of Samsung’s products and the evolution into the modern age. These were displayed on the amazing Piccadilly Lights billboard in Piccadilly Circus London.

Initially the project was only meant to be static characters for the Samsung homepage. The client loved the characters so much that they decided to ask Arcade to develop an animation for them, which ended up as part of the global campaign.

Each garment was built by hand using professional pattern design development. This allows the clothing to have a realistic feel with drapery and cloth.

The end result was incredible textured and flowing clothes for each of the 3D characters.