In the Studio: JVG

Madrid, Spain

JVG is a creative studio specialising in immersive environments and objects, as well as animation and live action scenes. There high level of technical degree can be seen in every CGI piece that they complete.

How would you convey your work in five words?

Abstract realism, CGI concept-driven.

Pick three things that are most valuable to you in your studio and explain to us why you have chosen those and what story there is behind them.

First, of course, is our talented team and collaborators, and in second place is internet. It allows us to work with them all over the world, watch what people in the industry is creating and share with them our work too.  And third is technology. We are proud of our state-of-the-art machines with more than 15.000 cuda cores of rendering power, fine calibrated 4K screens, VR headsets, 3D printers, etc.

Which project, to date, has tested your style and working method?

One of my favourites is Plumb Part’s Locker Room. A plumber’s magazine cover may not be the sexiest project ever, and creating a cool locker room with lots of plumb parts it’s not ease, but we came out with this image that represents quite well our style.

What makes your work unique?

We love the concept. In fact, some of our bests works like Sony – Pixelated Landmarks or the Scrabble’s vehicles were conceptualized by us, they didn’t come from an agency. This also allows us to understand very quickly what clients want, as works like The Economist 1843, EMI – Neon Black, The Perse or Bankia – Time Flies were approved in the first round.

What interested you in the direction of your CGI/3D style?

With 3D/CGI you can create anything, from a simple piece of cord forming a word to a whole realistic city with hundreds of people marching in a parade, all without any extra production cost.

Do you ever work in other mediums?

We love to explore new media like VR, 3D printing, VFX and photography. Early next year we will publish our first motion project, which will also be the biggest project we have ever done


What is your favourite program to use for your CGI/3D work?

We work with Cinema 4D and have collaborators specialized in other software like ZBrush, Houdini or Reflow.

Describe a typical day for you.

We start working quite late, after lunch. That keeps us fresh and ready to start the day working really hard. We always try not to leave any task for the next day -our hardware helps a lot for that- and I’m proud to say that we have never had to work beyond our working hours while surpassing client’s timings.

What are the first three initial steps that you to take when a commissioner approaches you for an illustration project?

The first thing is to decide if we want to do that project. This depends on the timing, budget, client, and most important the concept and style they are looking for. Once that’s solved, we try to understand what they expect, what style can match their brand or idea in the best possible way. When that’s clear, we can start sketching or modelling.

If you were to complete your dream commission, what would it be?

Our dream commission would be an advertising project for an important brand or cool agency, with a very strong concept or quite artistic freedom, enough time and, of course, well-paid!