James Gilleard & Alexander Wells – Gallery 1988

In a joint exhibition held at Gallery 1988, James Gilleard and Alexander Wells produced a series of artworks based on their favourite computer games. From James’ cinematic landscapes, to Alexander’s excellent character depiction, the show was filled with incredible artworks by the two artists all available to buy as limited edition prints.


Left to Right; ‘Shadow of Colossus’ & ‘The Last Guardian’ (James Gilleard)

‘Red Dead Redemption’ (James Gilleard)

‘Abzu’ (James Gilleard)



‘I Choose You’ (Alexander Wells)

Left to Right; ‘For The Horde’ & ‘For The Alliance’ (Alexander Wells)


Left to Right; ‘Foes & Fauna’ & ‘Good Luck Starfox’ (Alexander Wells)


To see more of James’s illustration work, you can find his portfolio here, and to see more of Alexander’s illustration work, you can find his portfolio here.

You can also follow James on Instagram: @jamesgilleard and Alexander: @alexanderwells