Conceptual illustrations

Here are some of our artist’s best conceptual illustrations. Illustration is often used to help in explaining difficult concepts or ideas. An interesting conceptual visual point of view can complement the ideas expressed in an article and make it easier for readers to understand. Conceptual illustration is frequently used alongside science, economics and technology articles.



Culprit or Victim




Close Connection

Stephan Schmitz – BBC Music Magazine


The Long Shadow of the Pandemic: 2024 and Beyond

Karolis Strautniekas – Wall Street Journal



Olivia Waller – Intercom


Conceptual illustrations

Eleni Debo – De Volkskrant


UI Health Care

Alexander Wells – University of Iowa


Traveling Helping Mental Health

Michael Driver – Culture Trip


Petri Dish

Kouzou Sakai – The Lancet

Fake Friends


Michael Parkin – The Sunday Times